David Bryce
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Smoker's Blues (Two Packs A Day)

Lyric Credits: Ed Scheer
Music Credits: David Bryce
Producer Credits: David Bryce
Publisher Credits: David Bryce
Performance Credits: David Bryce, Jeff Hofferman, Nick D'Virgilio, Drew Cobb, Jeff Klopmeyer, Richard Ruse
Label Credits: N/A
Short Song Description:
A fun little tune for the tobacco lover in all of us.
Long Song Description:
This is a 70's style electric blues tune complete with harmonica solo and scat vocal bridge. The subject - cigarette smoking.
Story Behind the Song:
Written by Dave Bryce and Ed Scheer after a particularly bad coughing spell by Mr. Bryce after he had just lit up a cigarette.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Mood 1:
Mood 2:
Similar Artist 1:
Tom Waits
Similar Artist 2:
Blues Brothers, The
1970 - 1979
There's a black dirty mess on my girlfriend's new dress
And a circle hole burned clean through to my chest
I've got to confess I'm getting a little depressed
And I wish I could give this fixation a rest
Two Packs A Day, got to get it down to Two Packs A Day
My lungs would be much lighter, my future'd be much brighter
If I could get it down to Two Packs A Day

I've got to quit 'em, Lord I've tried...my lungs - completely fried
My heated breath smells like I just committed suicide
There's butts all over the floor, my lips are getting sore
And worst of all - when I'm done where I've gotta get some more
Two Packs A Day, got to get it down to Two Packs A Day
My scent would be much cleaner, my sense of taste much keener
If I could get it down to Two Packs A Day


I've got to get out of this grayness, get on back to the pink
Before my wallet and my body's broke
You might think all my troubles're gonna drive me to drink
But smoking only drives you to choke

If the white collars would legislate like they should
They'd make this stuff illegal then I'd quit this thing for good
But my fingers start to itch, my tongue starts to twitch
This nicotine's a sad one, Lord it turns into a bad one
Two Packs A Day, got to get it down to Two Packs A Day
Raise myself above the shabbies, never fear that case of crabbies
If I could get it down to Two Packs
I've just gotta get it down to two packs
Gotta get it down to Two Packs A Day